I recently cleaned out my closet and donated a huge bag of random clothes to Goodwill. I don't normally go out of my way to try to sell them to places like Plato's Closet, but I've got several friends who swear by it. I came across a video on TikTok this morning that has me reconsidering the kind of cash you can make reselling used items.

TikToker @journeywithjill_ showed followers how she makes a profit at Plato's Closet by reselling used clothes she purchases at Goodwill. She spends very little on quality items she comes across at Goodwill and then drives over to Plato's Closet to flip them.

She made nearly $100 at Plato's Closet by reselling $14 worth of stuff from Goodwill on one of her recent trips. Check out the video below...

I'm sort of torn by the idea.

I think about the kind of person who goes to Goodwill in search of something nice for a job interview or a special event, someone who is on a serious budget. Sometimes, they can find a quality outfit for very little, and that's awesome. But, if everyone goes in and buys all of the high-end used clothing and resells it back to another store, they are kind of taking the few good things away from people who may really need them.

It's perfectly legal, but for some reason still doesn't sit right with me. I'm curious to know what you think about it. Have you ever done something like this? Let me know in a comment below this article wherever you find it.

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