It's expensive to go outside anywhere, even in Texas. What's the meme that goes around, I don't want to go outside because it will cost me $300. It doesn't matter if you're going to the grocery store, shopping for new clothes or going out to eat, everything is just too much. One Texas dad, who has four kids, has found some ways to eat out with the family and come away with a super cheap bill. Some think he's a genius, others think he is the ultimate cheapskate.

It's All Expensive

Nothing is affordable in this country anymore. Homes, cars, electronics, food, it's all expensive and emptying our bank accounts every paycheck. If there is a way to save some money, we're going to find it. In this day and age of social media, we can find a thousand different ways to keep a dollar or two in our wallets. That's where these videos on TikTok come into play.

glazedepoxy via TikTok
glazedepoxy via TikTok

This Texas dad is the leader of a family of six. It's him, his wife and their four kids. Yeah, a big family. So you can only imagine what a trip to On the Border or Texas Roadhouse or any other casual dining restaurant could cost with that many orders. This dad has decided not to go broke going out to eat. He went to TikTok and shared what he does to feed everyone and walk away with a bill that won't empty his wallet.

@glazedepoxy Who else hates when you order 5 kids meals and no one eats it! We have tons of cheap hacks for eating out with kids! #family #restaurant #hack #eatcheap #fyp ♬ original sound - glazedepoxy

He Shares Some Other Hacks

Another hack he shares is at Texas Roadhouse. He'll order the pulled pork sandwich and use the Texas Roadhouse rolls to create multiple sandwiches to feed everyone at the table.

@glazedepoxy Replying to @alejandrorios9837 Follow for more money saving tips!!! #family #eatingout #cheapmeals #texasroadhouse #dfw #dallas #texas #fyp #savemoney #eatgood ♬ original sound - glazedepoxy

Another hack that I want to try is getting a couple of to-go cups of the Texas Roadhouse butter, putting that into a cast iron pot, pour some popcorn kernels in and you have Texas Roadhouse buttered popcorn.

@glazedepoxy Replying to @Dom Scarps Texas Roadhouse Butter aint just for rolls guys!! #texas #texasroadhouse #rolls #butter #hack #restauranthack #kids #popcorn #popcornrecipe #fyp @Texas Roadhouse ♬ original sound - glazedepoxy

Reactions Online

The comment section of each of his videos are lit up with people either calling him a genius or an ultimate cheapskate.

glazedepoxy via TikTok
glazedepoxy via TikTok
glazedepoxy via TikTok
glazedepoxy via TikTok

Look, this man is doing what he needs to do to not go broke if he and the family want to eat out. Some people think this man doesn't feed his kids. I bet they eat good at home. He just doesn't want to shell out $150-$200 every time his family of six eats out. Would you? No. But what say you? Is this Texas dad a genius or the ultimate cheapskate?

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