Last year this Caney City, Texas home was listed for sale with an asking price of nearly $35,000,000. The property owners are excited to sell this stunning property because they have dropped the price tag to $18,995,000. While that is more money than most of us have to buy a new home, when you look through the photos below you will see why this property is one of the most beautiful in the entire state of Texas. 

Photo courtesy of Juli Black via
Photo courtesy of Juli Black via

While this property has dropped in price it still comes with every amenity you would expect with this type of mansion. This place gives you everything you could possibly want with 9 bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms, all of this inside 11,000 square feet sitting on 25.34 acres of land. The garage has plenty of room for up to 6 cars and the house itself was built back in 2021. 

You'll Never Want to Leave This Texas Property 

You have everything you could ever want here; it would be difficult to find a more beautiful place to vacation when you own a property like this. This home comes with 3 charming guest homes. There are multiple private ponds, a glass enclosed gym, yoga studio, basketball and tennis courts, and one of the most amazing outdoor dining and fireplaces you will ever see.  

Let’s See Everything This Property Has to Offer 

This home is more amazing than I can even put into words, let’s look at everything this home has to offer. If you buy this property just know that I want to be invited to the housewarming party. 

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