Over the past weekend at Mark Powell's Outlaws and Legends Music Festival, I spotted Kevin Fowler sporting a brand new red white, and blue Texas flag guitar strap. A few years ago, Kevin Fowler was reunited with his old custom-made guitar strap back in 2020.

As the story goes, Kevin Fowler and his band were playing in concert back around 2010 down in Galveston when for some reason, after the concert while Fowler was doing the "Meet-and-Greet" with fans someone stole his favorite custom-made guitar strap, right off of his guitar.

This guitar strap has a really special meaning to him, but we'll talk about that in just a bit. After I read Fowlers' post on Facebook that the "stolen strap" had been returned, I reached out to Kevin to find out more.

Kevin said "Chris Jarvis was clearing a house so it could be demolished when he discovered a few boxes in the attic with what appeared to be someone's special belongings. Next thing you know, Chris finds this "KF 100% Texas guitar strap" in one of those boxes.

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Jarvis hung on to it and took it to the concert to ask Kevin if they sold them as souvenirs at concerts and if he would sign it. As Kevin explained to Chris "No we don't sell them" and "That strap you're holding was stolen from me over a decade ago."

Chris Jarvis was very pleased to reunite the guitar strap with its rightful owner. Getting back to the strap's special meaning. Fowler told me that he ordered two identical custom guitar straps made by Fenton Texas Guitar Straps back at the beginning of his 'Texas Red-Dirt' career and that they represent the start of something new.

Fast forward to last weekend during Outlaws and Legends, I had the privilege of being backstage talking with Kevin, and as he was walking on stage to perform, I noticed Kevin had a brand new guitar strap. While I couldn't ask Kevin right then and there because he was going on stage to perform. So, I asked one of his roadies and he said Kevin still has the original guitar strap, this is just a new one.

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