UPDATE: 4/24/2024 8:00 PM - Kristel Cooley, the wife of Sergeant Weylond Cooley with the Taylor County Sheriff's Office passed away. However, funds are still needed to help the family offset expenses. Please donate what you can, there is a Venmo and a GoFundMe page that have both been set up, just follow the links. Plus, we are asking for prayers for the family, please. 

A family in our Taylor community is in dire need as the family works to get their wife and mom back and healthy again. A fundraiser has been set up to help the family. The Taylor County Sheriff's Office and the Taylor County Sheriff's Association are hosting a fundraiser luncheon and they have also set up a GoFundMe page.

This luncheon will take place at the Taylor County Sheriff's Office parking light located at 450 Pecan Street in Abilene. The Taylor County sheriff's deputies will be preparing the food for this fundraiser. Come out and enjoy a hamburger a bag of chips and a drink for only 10 dollars. All money raised will benefit the family in need.

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Here's What Happened:

On March 10th the wife of one of the Taylor County Sheriffs' Patrol Sergeants had a routine medical procedure done in Abilene at the hospital. A medical emergency occurred during the procedure, and she was transported via helicopter to a hospital in Fort Worth where she is currently fighting for her life.

About the Family:

The road to recovery has been long and hard, and it is going to be even longer. Doctors are saying she may be in the hospital for at least several more months. The wife and Deputy have two beautiful daughters ages 4 and 10 who are missing their mother dearly. As you can imagine, travel, living, and medical expenses are beginning to pile
up for this family.

I spoke with Taylor County Sheriff Detective Lee Kidwell about bringing attention to this fundraiser. Detective Kidwell shared with me "When one of our Deputy coworkers is affected, it affects all of us."

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Here's How You Can Help:

The Taylor County Sheriff's Office is hosting a fundraiser in the Sheriff’s Office parking lot, 450 Pecan Street, on May 1, 2024, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or until all of the food is gone. 10 dollars will get you a burger, chips, and a drink. All the proceeds will go directly to our Taylor County Sheriff's family which needs some help at this moment.

Additional Ways To Give:

There is also, a VENMO (@weylondcooley503) and a GoFundMe page set up. Please feel it in your heart to donate whatever you can give. If you are unable to donate prayers are always welcomed.

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