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Now that spring has arrived my wife has been sharing with me some of her grandfather's and grandmothers' old sayings, or rather should I say old superstitions. Most of which are what I like to call tall Texas tales or better yet some good Ole West Texas superstitious sayings and thoughts she picked up from mainly her grandpa

Apparently, some of these old sayings and or superstitious thoughts may actually have some science behind them while others may be crazy old people superstitions that I like to call "Stupid-stitions" or are they?

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Superstitions that are either True, Old Wives'-Tales, or West Texas Sayings

As the old saying goes "Don't name it if you plan to eat it" and there again is another saying or superstition? I've heard that if you name it, you will never harvest it, and if you do harvest it, the meat will spoil.

My wife's grandfather was a farmer/rancher and they grew their own food. As for the rancher side, he failed miserably Because every time he got a cow he gave that cow a name. However, when it came to chickens G-pa was the bomb and G-ma-A was a master chef.

Throughout the year they would work to prepare the land that was going to grow their food. As a matter of fact, her grandparents only went to the grocery store to buy things like ketchup, mayonnaise, and milk (since they didn't have milk cows).

As for my grandparents, they were in-town farmers and backyard ranchers you get the idea.  As for meat, they kept a cow a couple of goats, and a hog in the backyard. But as for the sayings or superstitions, we kept true to the heart, and trust me I saw a lot of these come true.

There are hundreds of old farmers' and ranchers' wives-tales and superstitions, some of which are:

1. If a cow has a white face, it's a good sign.

2. When planting crops, it's good luck for the farmer to spit on the seed before planting.

3. If you see any spider in the morning, it's a sign of good luck.

4. Never put your hat on the bed, as it brings bad luck.

5. If your rooster crows at night, bad weather is on its way.

6. Don't whistle indoors, as it will attract ghosts.

7. If you see a black cat, it's a bad omen.

8. If you sweep the floor after dark, you'll sweep away your good luck.

9. If you want your crops to grow tall, plant them during a waxing moon.

10. If a bird flies into your house, it's a sign of good luck.

One last thing my mom and G-ma used to say when a black cat or buzzard crossed in front of us. They would tell us to roll down the windows and spit three times out the windows to kill the bad luck, you know I think it worked.

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