While I grew up wearing the Chevy bowtie, most of my high school Buddies were Ford or Mopar fans. When I got married there was a split difference in our house I had owned, drove, and loved Chevys. My wife owned, drove, and loved Mustangs.

That said, during my marriage, I learned to love and appreciate Ford and Mopar the home of Dodge Chrysler. Nonetheless, the battle rages on when I see a Ford Mustang, a Chevy Camaro, or a Dodge Charger and wonder who would win in the quarter mile.

Taking that mentality to the present, and with Cruise Night taking place I have often wondered which of the three main muscle car manufacturers of the '60s and '70s would be more popular in Texas. So, I got on the radio and our Facebook page and asked.

While I was convinced I knew which car would come out on top, and I would have bet money on it, I'm glad I didn't because the numbers and comments blew me away. So, I admit it here and now. I was right! Texans are more for the pony (Mustang) than the bowtie (Chevy Camaro) and yes there were many votes for the Mopoar Charger, but not enough to sway the vote.

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It appears that we Texans have a real love for the '60s and '70s muscle cars. Furthermore, our loyalty is deep-rooted as I believe that parents and grandparents had a heavy hand in molding our likes and dislikes for certain muscle cars growing up. I heard a lot of listeners saying, "My dad and I would work on our (fill in the blank)," or "My grandaddy and I would work on his 65 Mustang that later became mine."

Photo by: Canva
Photo by: Canva

Here are some of the responses from our social pages:

  • Ricky Deleon: Mustang
  • Tim Poer: Mustang…Always!
  • Top fan - Jakob Noel Rosas: Mustang!!!
  • Betty Galvan: Mustang
  • Deanna Finney Krach: Mustang for the win!
  • Laci Dione: Mustang hands down! It was my first car! hatchback fox body.
  • Kimberly York: Hands down, Mustang!!!!
  • Steve Burgess: Chevy Camaro
  • Bobby Bales: Trans-Am, T-Tops off
  • Jade Reuwer: Camaro
  • Paula Logan: Camero
  • Annette Chambers: Camaro
  • Woody Roberts: I drive a Camaro
  • Jeff AJ: Stang! All the way
  • Judy Dechert Rose: Ford Mustang
  • Vicki Morris: Mustang
  • Robin Fowler LeMieux: Mustang (Yellow)
  • Tom Bradley: Modern Camaro or Classic Mustang

We hope to see you at Cruise Night whatever your favorite muscle car is. Remember to drive safely and be kind to your fellow classic car enthusiasts. Happy cruising!

Ford Chevy Mopar: Texans Have a Favorite Which One Is It?
Photo by: Canva

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