West Texas, get ready for a most fun event at San Angelo's Goodfellow Air Force Base. Don't miss the Goodfellow Air Force Base Open House and Block Party. Take in the sights and sounds, and feel the thunder of those massive jet engines roaring through the skies.

You can sidle up close and check out the Air Force flying machines as they'll be on static display during this event. Goodfellow AFB is set to host this block party with all kinds of fun activities on June 3 at the base. Base officials say they look forward to opening the base up to the local community.

Facebook / Goodfellow AFB
Facebook / Goodfellow AFB

To access the event, please enter through the 'Crash Gate' on Chadbourne. Signs will be posted near the South (Jacobson) Gate to guide everyone to the entrance. Please bring a valid government ID like a driver's license or passport to expedite processing through the secured entrance gate.

You will be able to experience the sights and sounds in two different ways. First, one can take a tour through the base in a tour bus. If you've got some spunky energy, you can walk through the entire installation. The map below shows very well how to access the base and walking path one must take.

Facebook / Goodfellow AFB
Facebook / Goodfellow AFB

Bus tours will feature stops at:

  1. The Louis F. Garland Department of Defense Fire Academy
  2. The DoD Fallen Firefighter Memorial
  3. A Forcible Entry Fire and Rescue Truck
  4. Crash and Rescue Operations 1941 Ford Pumper, a 1942 Mack 125, 1951 Magirus, and many more
  5. An Air Force Courtroom to meet members of Goodfellow's JAG Team
  6. A Block Party and so much more

You will have the opportunity to see a variety of aircraft and vehicles on static display. Food and beverage vendors will be available.

Important, these items are not allowed on Goodfellow AFB: illegal drugs, weapons, ammunition, stolen property, large sums of money, drones, knives with blades 4 inches or longer, no pets allowed during the event (service animals are allowed but must be current on pet vaccinations).

The mission at Goodfellow is "We Train, Transform, and Empower joint and coalition warriors." But the most important part of this weekend's event? Just have fun.

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