Hunter Hayes may have played every single instrument on his self-titled debut, but that doesn’t mean that he is able to take command of every instrument in existence. He admitted to having a fear of the fiddle. The fiddle? Really?

You bet. Hayes admitted that he tried to master the fiddle, but did not succeed and therefore remains perplexed by and afraid of the instrument. “I completely failed a couple years ago trying to figure out how to play fiddle,” the ‘Storm Warning’ singer told the Country Vibe. “It is one fretless instrument that I am afraid to touch.”

Not only is Hayes afraid to pick up the fiddle, he doesn’t even want to be within a few feet of one. He said, somewhat facetiously, that “I’m afraid to be in a same room as a fiddle. I don’t know, I picked it up and tried it for like months, and then finally realized, ‘You know what, i’’s not supposed to happen,’ and I just let it go.”

Sometimes that’s just what you need to do! Although we’re confident that with his talent, Hayes would eventually tame that elusive fiddle.

The fiddle isn’t Hayes only musical nemesis. He has also struggled with the steel guitar for a bit. He admits that he still hasn’t fully mastered that instrument, but he hasn’t quit on it, either. “I may try again in the future. I anticipate trying,” Hayes said. Hey, at least he isn’t scared to be in the same room with the steel guitar like he is the fiddle!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…

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