Different folks display different warning signs when they're starting to feel drunk. Some try to be the wackiest person in the room, while others regrettably text an ex. In a new PSA series based on his 2018 song "One Shot," Hunter Hayes reveals his own "buzzed warning sign," sharing that after he's had a few drinks, he goes into philosopher mode, ready to unravel everyone's existential problems.

The visual of Hayes as drunken problem-solver adds a little levity to the national ad campaign, and it'll probably remind most of a bar-hopper from their own life. Yet the campaign brings a serious message: Buzzed driving is drunk driving, and those little barroom quirks can destroy lives. That's why Hayes always makes sure he's planned a safe ride home before the buzz kicks in, the singer goes on to say.

“Just like in my song "One Shot," once you start drinking you don’t always make the best decisions,” Hayes says in the video. “That’s why I know my buzzed warning signs. When I see one of these signs, I call a car or a friend instead of getting behind the wheel.”

Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's statistics from 2017, drunk driving costs the lives of nearly 30 Americans per day.

Hayes hits the road next month for his headlining Closer to You Tour; the cross-country jaunt begins April 18 in Atlanta and lasts until June 1. Hayes has shared that he scrapped a large collection of songs at the beginning of 2018, starting from scratch to craft his forthcoming studio album. He recently released the first track of the new batch, "Heartbreak."

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