My dad was so special to me.  He was kind, patient and always there for me. He worked so hard to provide a better life for me and my mom.  He died 25 years ago way too young from an insidious and painful form of cancer.

I think I could live to be 1000 years old and nothing would be as painful as that day.

I often watch family reunion videos from the years when he was there just to catch a glimpse of him and hear him say that same hello that I've listened to a million times over the years. It  makes me feel so good just to hear his voice.

What I wouldn't give to hear him talk to me again. Now, thanks to technology the voices of our loved ones who have passed away can live again.  During an Amazon hosted event focusing on machine learning, automation, robots and space, Rohit Prasad showed off something absolutely amazing.

He showed a short video that starts with a young boy asking Alexa "Can grandma finish reading me "The Wizard of Oz" Then we hear the beloved voice of the boy's grandma who passed years earlier reading him the story.

There's been a wave of innovation and technology that allows A.I powered speech. It only takes recording about ten seconds of someone speaking to bring their voice to life.  If you have any recording of your loved one before their death, A.I could perfectly re-create their voice.

Photo by Veit Hammer on Unsplash
Photo by Veit Hammer on Unsplash

You could have them re-create a favorite saying or something they once told you that inspired you. They could literally say anything you wanted in a perfect replica of their voice.  For me, it would be incredible if I could talk to my dad again, even if it's not really him. To hear the voice that means so much to me would be special and inspiring.

I'm not sure everyone would feel the same.  It might be painful or awkward. I can't help but believe that hearing the voice of someone we love, who is now gone just one more time, would be an amazing gift.

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