Fort Concho’s first public event of its 150th year will focus on the Buffalo Soldiers.

courtesyCOSA/Ft. Concho
courtesyCOSA/Ft. Concho

Dr. John Langellier of Tucson, Arizona, will present “Remington Called Them Buffalo Soldiers” from 2 p.m.-3p.m. Sunday, Feb. 5. The program in the fort’s Commissary Building at East Avenue C and Burgess Street is free to all. Light snacks will be served.

Langellier is a retired museum director and recognized scholar on the military of the western frontier. He will trace “how a young unknown Eastern dropout from Yale launched his incredible art career with depictions of black troopers in the American West.”

The 9th and 10th Cavalry, and the 24th and 25th Infantry regiments served at Fort Concho from 1869-85. There were periods when all enlisted soldiers at the post were African-Americans. Their long service in Texas secured the region for settlement, with many soldiers retiring in Texas and contributing to the creation of black communities.

In July, Langellier gave the keynote address at Fort Concho’s Buffalo Soldier 150th Celebration event. This year, the fort is pleased to have him kick off Fort Concho’s 150th birthday year. Throughout the year, the site will host many programs and events to mark the anniversary of the fort’s founding in 1867.

For more information, call Fort Concho at 325-481-2646 or visit

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