This has become a big viral deal this Halloween season. Even Texas Supermarket behemoth H-E-B has posted a recipe.

H-E-B Edible Starburst Slime Recipe

I'm talking about edible slime made from melted Starbursts.

While there are many recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers, recipes for Halloween leftovers are just now starting to catch on. It makes sense, considering that Americans are expected to spend 3.1 billion dollars this year on Halloween candy.

No one can eat it all.

That's where edible slime comes in from Starbursts. Starburst is already a popular candy in and of itself. Forbes says it is America's fourth most popular Halloween candy. Only M&M's, Skittles, and Reese's Cups are more popular.  The pink Starburst is the most popular of all the flavors.

This viral TikTok video demonstrates just how easy it is to make edible Starburst slime.


There are other ways to make edible slime. According to Little Bins for Little Hands, edible slime can be made with marshmallows, powdered sugar, or taffy. None of those are going viral this year like edible slime made from Starbursts.

You only need a few ingredients, including water, cooking oil (H-E-B recipe recommends coconut oil), and a half cup of unwrapped Starburst candies.  It just takes a short amount of time in the microwave to prepare them.  Be very careful kneading your Starbursts (slime) when it comes out of the microwave.  It can be hot.

There are several other edible slime recipes making the rounds on TikTok. Just do a quick hashtag search and have fun.  Here's another one of my favorites.

Enjoy your edible slime and have a Happy and Safe Halloween.


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