The pineapple has always been a symbol of hospitality and friendship. Lately, the pineapple has become a symbol of something else, especially when it's turned upside down.  Often, here in San Angelo, we're not the first place to catch on to a new trend. This new trend, however, is already showing up all over the city.  There are certain neighborhoods, (one we won't mention by name) near Goodfellow Air Force Base, where you see the upside down pineapple symbol on a lot of doors.

I've even witnessed a few upside down pineapple pins at Market Street and Walmart. You can find upside down pineapple specialty cups, upside down pineapple t-shirts.  Anything you can imagine can be logoed with the upside down pineapple. The hashtag #upsidedownpineapple has over 137 million hits on TikTok.  It is often featured associated with another hashtag #swingtok which has racked up 1.7 BILLION views.

So, what does this pervasive symbol mean?  Is it part of a bizarre conspiracy theory? Is it a political philosophy or new political party?  Is it a new dessert craze?  Nix all of that.

The upside down pineapple is a symbol to the world that you are down for "swinging".  Yes, "swinging" is exactly what you thought it was.  The upside down pineapple, when proudly displayed, let's the whole world know you and your partner like to have hookups with other couples.

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The Summer of 2022 has picked up a lot of nicknames as the world says "goodbye" to covid lockdowns and begins to travel again.  One of those viral nicknames is the "sex party Summer of 2022". People are living their lives fully.  For some that includes branching out and experimenting with other like minded individual.  We are not judging. Do whatever makes you happy.  Throw the upside down pineapple on your cabin door on the cruise ship, your hotel room, even on the front door of the house.  Just know, that the whole world now knows what it means.

Liberate yourselves and enjoy the upside down pineapple. Even bake yourself a pineapple upside down cake.  It is a favorite desserts when people get together for whatever they get together for when they find others who proudly display the upside down pineapple.

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