Even though I am enjoying the 2022 Winter Olympics, I have noticed some things that are a bit different this year and if you're been watching, I'm sure you have as well.

My Sweetheart Kellie and I have spent a significant amount of time checking our favorite events out. We both love pretty much the same events including Figure Skating, Snow Boarding and Downhill Racing among others.

Some of the highlights for us have been watching Nathan Chen of the USA take the gold in his incredible performance in Men's Figure Skating, dazzling everyone with five quad jumps during his winning performance.

It was exciting to watch Snowboarder Chloe Kim of the USA become the First Woman in Olympic History to Win Back-to-Back Gold in Halfpipe.

At age 36, snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis, representing the USA became the first American to win a gold medal at this year's 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics winning the women's snowboard cross event, claiming her second medal in the Olympics. Jacobellis has made history as the oldest snowboarder to win a medal at the Olympics.

These are just a few of the highlights of this year's Winter Olympics we have enjoyed so far.

The games have a different feel this year, at least to me for a number of reasons like not having packed stands for the events because of the pandemic and families of the competitors not being able to attend and cheer for their own members who have trained throughout their lives with hopes of making it to the Olympics. I'm glad to see interactive video exchanges between competitors and their families back home.

I have mixed feelings about the controversy surrounding competitors who have spent their lives and trained in the United States and decided to represent China in the Olympics.

Overall, Kellie and I are enjoying watching the 2022 Winter Olympics and we hope you are as well.

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