“I’m 12 years in to a 10 year town," Hailey Whitters sings on her heart-wrenching track, "Ten Year Town." Music City is known as the place where it takes a decade to make it, and Whitters knows all too well the struggle of trying to be a singer.

Although she's had an album out and penned songs for Little Big Town and Martina McBride, she's yet to have her big break.

Her voice is unrefined and raw, and it adds so much emotion to this already touching song. The acoustic vibe draws influences from traditional country music with the fingerpicking melody, but has a distinctive sound that's entirely her own. You can feel her anguish in the song, but never in a bitter way. The track is hopeful, and gives the important message that chasing your dreams isn’t always easy, but you should keep going even when times are tough. It’s refreshing to hear music that isn’t always about breakups and boyfriends. The fact that Whitters is tapping into this makes her stand out from the crowd.

The 29-year-old Iowa native has the whole package, a unique voice, her own style, and something to say, which makes the fact she's currently unsigned bewildering. But if record labels are paying attention, someone will snap her up soon. “Maybe this song will change it all around," she sings, and we hope so.

Keep an eye on Hailey Whitters — her time is coming, and when it does, we have a feeling she’s going to shake things up. Catch her on tour with Maren Morris this fall.

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Hailey Whitters' "Ten Year Town" Lyrics:

I'm 12 years into a ten year town / I'm too far in to turn around / Too old to go back to school / Won't be much longer, I'll be old news / I thought I'd be a big star now / I'm twelve years into a ten year town.

Fifteen minutes of fame / Somebody says your name on the TV / Or back of the CD / Waitin' tables another month / Waitin' on that break to come / All it's ever done is break my heart.

The new It Girl fresh off the bus / She cut right in front of the rest of us / I need longer lashes and a shorter dress / To be that overnight success / I thought this year I'd wear that crown / I'm 12 years into a ten year town.

But I didn't come this far / To only go this far.

Payin' dues don't pay the bills / Dreams come true and I think mine will / Lesser fools woulda given up / They don't go for broke like a dreamer does / Gotta get back up when you get knocked down / I'm 12 years into a ten year town.

This next song could turn it all around / I’m 12 years into a ten year town.

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