Starting on October 14, Texas county judges will have the ability to allow bars to re open at 50% capacity.

There will be some rules implemented as well:

  • Customers may not loiter at the bar or in commonly trafficked areas, and should remain seated at tables at the bar or similar establishment.
  • Only provide service to seated individuals.customers are sampling products from the establishment.
  • Groups at the counter may not exceed 6 individuals, and must be separated from other groups by either 6 feet of separation or an engineering control such as a partitian
  • Breweries, wineries, and distilleries may serve customers standing at a counter if the  customers are sampling products from the establishment.
  • Dance floors should stay closed: Activities that enable close human contact are discouraged.
  • Pathways for patrons’ ingress and egress should be clear and unobstructed.
  • Designate staff to ensure customers maintain a 6-foot distance between groups if customers are waiting to enter the bar or similar establishment.
  • A hand sanitizing station should be available upon entry to the establishment. 
  • No tables of more than 6 people.

There are other rules they must follow, for the complete list, check here.

Of course, if the county judges do not allow the bars to open, these rules a moot anyway.


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