There is a long tradition of R-rated teen comedies. Porky’s. American Pie. But R-rated middle school comedies? That’s kind of new.

That’s the gist of Good Boys, in which a trio of sixth graders (including Room’s Jacob Tremblay) get into all kinds of bawdy, raunchy shenanigans like fighting frat boys, playing with sex toys, and watching online porn.

Here’s the official synopsis:

After being invited to his first kissing party, 12-year-old Max (Room’s Jacob Tremblay) is panicking because he doesn’t know how to kiss. Eager for some pointers, Max and his best friends Thor (Brady Noon, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire) and Lucas (Keith L. Williams, Fox’s The Last Man On Earth) decide to use Max’s dad’s drone – which Max is forbidden to touch – to spy (they think) on a teenage couple making out next door. But when things go ridiculously wrong, the drone is destroyed. Desperate to replace it before Max’s dad (Will Forte, The Last Man on Earth) gets home, the boys skip school and set off on an odyssey of epically bad decisions involving some accidentally stolen drugs, frat-house paintball, and running from both the cops and terrifying teenage girls (Life of the Party’s Molly Gordon and Ocean’s Eight’s Midori Francis).

Maybe it’s the dad in me talking, but I dunno that I want to watch kids this young doing adult stuff like this. Also, once you’ve done sixth graders porning it up, where does it end? Second graders? Kindergarten? Are we gonna watch toddlers dropping F-bombs next? (Wait that actually sounds kinda fun.) Good Boys opens in theaters on August 16.

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