I will say this much for M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass: It is fun to talk about.

Last weekend, I was a guest on Slate’s Spoiler Special podcast, where I joined Sam Adams and Jeffrey Bloomer to discuss Shyamalan’s new film in detail. We broke down the plot scene by scene, explored what the movie’s wild twists mean, and why we felt they didn’t work within the overall film and the cinematic universe established by Shyamalan previously in Unbreakable and Split. 

You’ll also hear me trying (and mostly failing) to play my own devil’s advocate, and figure out ways to defend some of Shyamalan’s choices, even as those choices made me generally feel miserable while I was watching the movie. (I think my explanation for why Glass says what he says about comics even though those ideas are 20 years out of date is pretty good! I wish I actually believed it.)

You can listen to the podcast at Slate, on the podcast app of your choice, or right here in the little widget dealie below. It’s a good conversation, and if you had some issues with Glass, you’ll get something out of it.

What did you think about Glass? Did you come up with a better rationale for Glass’ behavior and attitudes than I did? If so, feel free to leave them in them comments below or send them to me on Twitter. I truly want to read them.Glass is now playing in theaters everywhere.

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