George Jones knew he would not live to see the birth of his great-grandchildren, so he wrote them a letter before he died in 2013.

The country legend had left his tempestuous past of alcohol and drug abuse behind him by the time he was nearing the end of his life. By all accounts, after decades of addiction and difficult marriages. the "He Stopped Loving Her Today" singer was scared straight after a near-fatal car accident while under the influence in March of 1999. He settled into a quiet life that revolved around his family while he was not working.

When Jones knew the end of his life was drawing near, he wrote a letter to his adopted grandson, a 13-year-old boy from Guatemala named Carlos, to read after his death, telling him he had to be the man of the house now.

Jones wrote a separate letter to his granddaughter Jennifer's unborn twins for them to read later in life. Jones' family has never discussed the contents of that letter in public.

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