Florida Georgia Line's new song "Sittin' Pretty" offers fans something rare: the duo's Brian Kelley on lead vocals. Readers can press play above to hear the brand-new tune.

A lazy-day love song, "Sittin' Pretty" finds FGL's Tyler Hubbard ceding the mic to his duo partner Kelley. The song's lyrics -- written by Nick Donley, Michael Hardy and Jake Mitchell -- focus on how, when you're with the right person, it doesn't matter where you're at.

"We got all damn day to do it our way / Like an old tire swing in the shade, got it made / In the sweet spot / Baby, you and me got a couple free seats on a Cloud Nine ride," goes the chorus of "Sittin' Pretty." "Don't matter if we're sittin' on a porch, in the car, at a bar / Or a boat down in Panama City / Gonna be a hell of a view / I'm just fine long as I'm sittin' next to you sittin' pretty / I'm sittin' pretty good ..."

"Sittin' Pretty" is the fourth song Florida Georgia Line have shared from their as-yet-unnamed fourth studio album. The duo dropped both "Simple," their latest single, and "Colorado" at the end of May; a third song, "Talk You Out of It," came in early July.

According to Hubbard, he and Kelley are eyeing an early 2019 release for their new project. They plan on releasing a song or two each month until the album's out.

"Every song, we're really, really proud of -- from "Swerve," which has a kind of a different hip-hop feel, to a song called "People Are Different," an amazing life song," he says.

Florida Georgia Line have been out on the road this summer. Check out the band's website for more information on their tour dates.

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