Florida Georgia Line's fourth studio album, Can't Say I Ain't Country, includes a slowed-down, soulful duet with pop and R&B star Jason Derulo. In contrast to some of their other feel-good party anthems, this track is closer to a prayer, celebrating the singers' gratitude for the women in their lives.

In fact, the song was created as a result of multiple writing sessions, and went through different stages before becoming the finished product fans know today. Read on to learn the story behind "Women," in FGL's own words.

Brian Kelley: It started at the end of a session, and I think it got finished in Nashville, months later, probably.

Tyler HubbardIt definitely didn't finish at Sunset [Sound Recorders, a studio in Hollywood], because I remember BK said, "I wanna write a song called "Women." Alright, y'all, have a good day. I'm gonna roll." And we were all like, "That's an awesome title. We have to write that."

We started it that night, and then we got together and finished it.

The video we posted with [Jason] Derulo kind of captures that experience as a whole: working in the studio with him, getting creative. -- you know, recording and performing. There's a brotherhood and a bond there -- a friendship that kind of breeds creativity. We're 100-percent comfortable with each other.

So the whole process, from BK throwing the title out there to the finished product, seeing it on the album, it's sort of been a cool process in multiple stages. It's one that we're really thankful for, and honored to be a part of.

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