Florida Georgia Line dropped their latest album, Can't Say I Ain't Country, in early 2019, but much of the tracklist had been written over the couple of years leading up to the project's release. One such song is "Blessings," which the duo actually co-wrote back in early 2016, while on vacation with family and friends; however, when it came time to release the album, the song's sentiment still rang true.

Read on to learn the story behind "Blessings," in FGL member Tyler Hubbard's own words.

That song was started in January 2016, in St. John island [in the U.S. Virgin Islands], at this house. We had some buddies and our wives and their friends there for five weeks, and we kinda got the chorus going. Then we got back to Nashville in February and gave [co-writer] Tom [Douglas] a call, had him over to the tree house with us and got to work on finishing the song.

[It's just about] an attitude of gratitude: Always count your blessings. Always be thankful. Even when you wake up, no matter what happens, no matter how bad it is, you still got to wake up, and that's a big deal. And so, we're super thankful for all the blessings: Our families. The fact that we get to create for a living, touch a bunch of people's lives and provide jobs. We just feel extremely fulfilled, so it's just a good reminder to always count your blessings, and never forget [how lucky you are], no matter what happens.

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