Movies are part of our culture and the landscape of humanity. We view the people on those screens are essentially Gods on Earth. To us they can do now wrong.

Which is why I feel like we have a suspended belief when watching movies. We believe someone can train long enough to become Batman, or drive a car off a building and walk away just out of breath.

But there are a lot of things movies lie to us about. Here are some of my personal favorites.

1. Lasers in space would not be seen.

Sorry sci fi fans. When you see x wing fighters in Star Wars firing those colorful lasers at each other, that is inaccurate. Lasers need a medium to be seen. our atmosphere allows for some of them, but even others on earth we wouldnt be able to see.

A silencer is really just a bad name for this device. It's more of a muffler. A handgun firing with a silencer is around the same volume as a police siren.

3. Monsters would not dwell in caves

How many movies are there where the scientists travel into the cave and find the evil creature that starts killing them? Well that's complete fiction obviously. Every being needs food and light to survive. Caves would not provide enough food or light for a creature to survive.

This myth comes from the fact that radium was used to make watches glow in the dark.

5. Truth serums do not exist

There is no concoction that will make you randomly start giving out information. There are solutions that can make you more talkative and have less inhibitions, alcohol being the most well known.

6. Planes that run out of fuel will drop out of the sky

No, not at all. They will not fall into a freefall, planes from heights of 40,000 feet can glide for 100 miles.

7. Elevator hatches do not open from the inside

They are designed for rescue not escape. Plus elevator shafts are insanely dangerous if you do not know what you're doing. If you are stuck in one, just stay put and wait for help.

8. You cannot crawl through an air duct

I really shouldn't have to explain this one. But they're too cramped AND you always see the hero stealthily crawling through one. In real life you'd be making a ton of noise even if you moved slowly.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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