Montgomery Gentry's 20th anniversary hits album, Montgomery Gentry: 20 Years of Hits, is set for release on Nov. 16, and includes collaborations with some of country's biggest names. A particular standout is Eddie Montgomery's duet with Darius Rucker on MG's 2007 hit, "Lucky Man," which fans can hear above.

The song, in its new rendition a warmly cohesive collaboration between the two singers, is something of a personal anthem for Montgomery, who has been through what anyone would term more than his share to date. In the past few years, he's battled cancer; as well as faced divorce, bankruptcy, the death of his son and the death of his duo partner Troy Gentry.

Still, the singer chooses to refer to himself as a lucky man. "I never question the man upstairs in my life, and I'm not gonna start now," Montgomery told Taste of Country. "He's given me a hell of a life and he's let me be around a lot of people, man, that have changed my life. I'm not gonna question that at all."

Montgomery Gentry: 20 Years of Hits was recorded before Gentry’s shocking death last year in a helicopter crash. Along with Rucker, artists such as Brad Paisley, Granger Smith, Jimmie Allen, Colt Ford and more help to remake some of the duo's best-loved hits. The album is available for pre-order now.

Eddie Montgomery Talks About the Music, the Crash and the Future of His Band

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