Dustin Lynch leans heavy into a slow rock groove for his new single "Small Town Boy." The singer goes back to his roots with this second single from an upcoming album.

Lynch introduced "Small Town Boy" to fans at various concerts last summer and fall and it's easy to see how it connects to his country fanbase. While not self-written it's biographical, but at the chorus the amped-up rocker becomes a love song. It's not about "me" but "her" at this point.

Like "Seein' Red" Lynch employs very progressive production. "Small Town Boy" is hardly an organic country song but like Justin Moore and recently Easton Corbin he's learning he can get away with effects as long as he doesn't lose the thick country accent. The song is a genuine reflection of who the singer is and where he's at. It's rooted in traditional country music but not stuck there.

Did You Know?: Lynch's small town / hometown is Tullahoma, Tenn. It's about 75 miles south of Nashville.

Listen to Dustin Lynch, "Small Town Boy" 

Dustin Lynch Had a Rock Band? It's True

Dustin Lynch, "Small Town Boy" Lyrics:

I'm a dirt road, in the headlights / I'm a mama's boy, I'm a fist fight / Kinda county line, kinda cold beer / Little hat down, little John Deere / I kinda give a damn, I kinda don't care / You see the girl standin' right there.

She loves a small town boy like me / She's my ride or die baby, she's my cool, she's my crazy / She's my laid back in the front seat / She's my with me to the end girl, I'll turn her up to 10 girl / She can have anybody else she wants or be anyone else she wants to be / But she loves a small town boy like me / She loves a small town boy like me.

She likes my t-shirt, she likes my old boots / Likes to slow dance to some old school / She'll take a full moon over those city nights / I ain't scared to get all up in those bright lights / I can smooth it out / I can stick it out / I guess that's why she can't get enough. 

"Yeah, I'm her sure thing / I'm her go to / I'm her rock side / She ain't gon' ever lose ..."

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