Dustin Lynch is relatively new to the music scene, but he is definitely making headway. His hit singles include 'Cowboys and Angels', 'Where It's At', and 'She Cranks My Tractor'.

Dustin Lynch will be at Midnight Rodeo November 6th for the Taste of Country Christmas Tour. Click here to purchase your tickets. 

We are so happy that Resistol found some more of those hats because it just adds a little something to his persona.

Plus, who can resist something called a 'Bicep Chug"? We can't wait until Dustin Lynch comes into town November 6th so we can try it.

And, of course, who are his top county artist influences? Pretty, much the same as anyone else in the industry who isn't over the age of 40: Garth Brooks, George Strait, George Jones, and Vern Gosdin. These artists have been the influences of many other younger country singers, and we are so grateful!


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