Duck Dynasty star John Luke Robertson and his wife, Mary Kate, officially have a family of four. The couple posted the celebratory news to Instagram on Monday (April 12): An adorable snapshot of the proud parents with their new baby girl.

The post was not only an announcement post, but also in the caption, Mary Kate reveals the name of their daughter: Ella!

On April 7, Mary Kate posted a compilation of photos of a precious moment she shared with the couple's first child, son John Shepherd. She knew Ella was coming that day, though it wasn't disclosed to fans until later. Now, looking at that post, it's obvious the emotions she was having as she prepared to become a mother of two. She was all in her feelings that day that she was about to be a mom of two.

She re-shared that post to Instagram Stories, revealing that she had posted knowing it would be the last with just her little boy. "I also got very emotional thinking about John Shepherd and posted this," she says.

John Luke Robertson and wife Mary Kate first broke the news that they were expecting their second child in November of 2020 in the form of a cute photo collage of the two of them along with their 1-year-old son, John Shepherd.

"We are so incredibly excited to be welcoming another sweet baby into our family!!! This new life is such a gift we are so thankful for! Sheps going to be the sweetest big brother✨,” Mary Kate captioned the joyful moment.

Ella isn't the only grandbaby the Robertson family has been waiting on, as John Luke's younger sister, Sadie is also pregnant — and is only due two weeks after Mary Kate was expected to deliver. April will be a major celebratory month now for the Robertson crew.

"Sometimes I can still hardly believe we’re having baby girls less than 2 weeks apart! Goodness it’s been such a special and fun journey to get to share with my sis-in-law,” Mary Kate previously remarked of bringing two close-in-age cousins into the world.

As of publishing, there is no baby news yet for Sadie. The Duck Dynasty star alum posted a photo on her personal Instagram Story of meeting baby Ella with her husband Christian, mentioning that this interaction was great practice as they await the arrival of their own baby girl. Like Mary Kate and John Luke, Sadie and Christian have yet to announce the name of their daughter.

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