In the two and a half years since Drake White released his debut studio album, Spark, the singer has been busy touring and performing out on the road. That's why it's fitting that his newest project, a four-track EP entitled Drake White and the Big Fire Live, will be an entirely live collection that gives listeners a sample of the kind of energy they can expect at one of White's shows.

Readers can play above to hear "All Would Be Right With the World," the first track White has shared from his live EP. Drake White and the Big Fire Live is scheduled for digital release on Friday (Dec. 14).

"We played our butts off this year and pulled a bunch of songs straight off the board," White recently explained to The Boot, recalling the origin of the live project. Moreover, he says he wanted to concentrate on fresh music that his listeners may not have heard on previous albums.

"They're all new songs, which is unique," White relates. "This is the first time fans are gonna hear I think three of these songs, and then there's one ... that they've heard before."

Drake White and the Big Fire Live includes the previously released "It Feels Good," which was on Spark's track list. However, even familiar music gets re-imagined on White's new live project, which spotlights the cheering crowd as well as the songs themselves. White knows that both he and his fans were ready for fresh material, and that was part of the decision to release a live EP as he prepares to head back into the studio to record another full-length project.

"You know, we released a record in 2016, and I love it, it's been great, but I'm ready," White continues. "I can feel the fans ... they want something they can chew on."

Still, as an artist who loves the energy of a live performance, White is excited to let his live material be a part of his career as a recording artist, and hopes to continue releasing live projects in the future. "We're gonna start with four live songs, and my goal would just be to keep releasing live stuff," the singer says. "Like, release 50 a year, I don't care, and don't even put a cap on it. Let that influence the studio stuff. Take stuff that you get live into the studio and be creative with it, be innovative with it."

"All Would Be Right With the World" showcases that innovation and captures, like lightning in a bottle, the particular electricity that exists between performer and audience. The unbridled joy of a live show translates, and for White, chasing that joy is the point.

"I'm just trying to do stuff that follows the music, follows my heart, follows what I want to do," he says. "This is where the path leads, you know? This is what people are reacting to."

White explains that the most important part of creating authentic music is finding a creative channel that keeps both him and his fans inspired: "I'm trying to come from a place of truth, and say, 'What do the fans want? What are people reacting to? And what just feels damn good, you know?" he adds.

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