The Robert Lee Shindig is going to be so much fun this Saturday, October 1st and everyone is invited to come and have a lot of fun and enjoy Great Live Music!

The Shindig is being held at Robert Lee Park on Austin Street with a full day of family fun. There will be plenty of opportunities to shop with numerous vendors and be sure to come hungry and enjoy the food vendors. There will also be inflatables for the kids, a washer pitchin' tournament and a big Barbecue cook-off. They are also having their first annual Shindig Show and Shine car show!! Keep in mind that NO glass is allowed into the park.

Born and raised in Maypearl, Texas, Texas/Red Dirt singer/songwriter Bart Crow has put together an impressive track record as a recording artist with six No. 1 singles on the Texas Music Chart, he has sold over 40,000 albums, released five self-co-produced records in just over a decade, including Dandelion, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Heatseekers South Central chart. He’s been cheered in Country Weekly, on CMT, and one of Rolling Stones “artists you need to know”. His YouTube videos and concert footage have drawn more than 5.7 million views. He tours extensively, is a dedicated husband and father and not only is he a vet, but has a passion for supporting Veterans.

We are proud to play a lot of Bart's music on Kickin' Country 103-1 including: "Wear My Ring", "Dear Music", "Boots", "Life Comes At You Fast", "Loving You's A Crime",  "Hollywood", "Run With The Devil", "Loves Got A Hold On You", "Bad Attitude" and numerous other singles by Bart.

Gates open for the concert at 6:30 pm. DJ Blanca and Take Two will kick off the evening dance followed by headliner Bart Crow!

Check out The Shindig facebook page for info and get your tickets now! Anyone 12 and under gets in free. Get your tickets for Bart Crow by clicking here. For more information, call 325-763-7216. It's going to be a full day of fun and great music at the Robert Lee Shindig on Sat, Oct 1st. Enjoy it!!

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