Dolly Parton is deep into the release of her new Netflix movie Dumplin’, and the legendary country music star made a stop at the Taste of Country Nights studios to not only talk about everything she has going on, but also all about the stars she personally knows.

One of those superstars is Reese Witherspoon, who isn't involved with Parton's latest project, but is a friend the singer treasures.

“I’ve known her my whole life,” Parton reveals in the new interview. “I’ve known her for years. She’s a country girl too. She’s a Nashville girl. She’s grown up with my music.”

However, there is another, even more surprising connection that Parton and Witherspoon have with one another.

“Her daddy was my ear, nose and throat doctor for years,” Parton reveals. “He’s retired now, but he was my doctor for years.”

Parton went on to add that she had visited his office many times over the years. "He probably would have been willing to make house calls,” Parton laughs.

Of course, the friendship between the two women has grown through the years, as Parton recently appeared on Witherspoon’s new show Shine On with Reese.

“When she comes to town, she’ll come up to my place and sneak through the back door,” Parton tells Taste of Country Nights’ Sam Alex.

The two also like to shop together, particularly at Witherspoon’s Nashville shop Draper James.

“When she’s in town, she takes me there to shop after hours,” Parton says. “I always buy stuff there. She gives me stuff too. I’m always talking about her so she’s always giving me presents," Parton laughs. "She gives me more at one time that I could have bought.”

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