For many Brad Paisley fans, pop star Demi Lovato may have seemed like a strange choice for a collaboration, but it's hard to deny that her voice fit "Without a Fight" flawlessly. In a new behind-the-scenes clip from the set of the music video, Lovato says singing country is not such a stretch for her, actually.

In fact, the genre's in her blood.

"I’m a big country fan, I’m actually a fan of his,” Lovato admits. "I grew up listening to country music. My mom was a country singer and being able to sing it finally has been kind of like a dream come true. Hopefully I’ll be doing some more of it."

Paisley and Lovato met at the iHeart Music Awards and developed a great chemistry as friends. The two rib each other like buddies in the scenes of this clip, pretending to physically fight and cracking up in between takes. As always, Paisley's sense of humor shows through in the video from behind the scenes.

"Don’t let it go to your head," Lovato remarks after complimenting him. “It already has,” Paisley concludes.

Paisley goes on to return the favor, praising Lovato’s vocals and describing her rare ability to sound great without any effects.

“The fun part for me was hearing the way your voice comes through the speakers with nothing on it,” he gushes as Lovato beams beside him. “There are a lot of singers that take a lot of processing to sound the way they do, but that range, it never loses the soul. It’s remarkable."

Paisley stood in as Lovato’s guitar player during the iHeart Awards for her performance of her song “Stone Cold." “I thought for sure she was going to be full-blown diva that walks in with entourage and feather boa in the middle of the day,” he jokes.

"Without a Fight" is featured on Paisley’s forthcoming new record, which will feature several other interesting collaborations, including appearances by Mick Jagger and Timbaland. Paisley is currently on his Life Amplified Tour with Maddie & Tae.

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