Darry Worley, his wife and several other country singers want fans to know they're safe after Cyclone Winston struck Fiji over the weekend. It's being called the worst storm to ever hit the nation of 900,000, and as of Monday morning, nearly two dozen were reported dead, with many more missing.

Thousands of homes and businesses have been flattened on the chain of islands in the South Pacific. Worley was with singers like John Stone for an event called Tunes in the Tropics, a week-long country music holiday. He started sending updates from the storm on Friday, admitting that he didn't know where or when Winston would land.

An update on the event's Facebook page shares that those in his group hunkered down in a concrete room, and after the wind and rain had passed, Worley hit Twitter again. In addition to letting everyone know he was fine, he said the group may still play this week, but he's also got a benefit concert on his mind as a possibility.

The Weather Channel is reporting 21 dead, but that number doesn't include anyone killed in the more remote areas of the country, where Cyclone Winston hit hardest. A group of fisherman are among the missing, and thousands of families lost their homes. A 30-day state of emergency has been declared.

Adam Harvey and Ashleigh Dallas are other singers on the bill, but they never flew into Fiji, as their flights were canceled. Tunes in the Tropics runs through Saturday. Worley expressed love for fans worried about him and said he and his family appreciate the prayers.

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