When Darius Rucker's "If I Told You" video begins, it seems like it may portray the story of a dapper, James-Bond type — or at least a dramatic tale filled with action and romance, starting with its black-and-white cinematography. But the actual story is a lot more personal and stripped-down.

Beginning in silence save for the street noise, the first scene shows Rucker dressed up (though the tie has been removed), looking pensively out the window of a limo at night, interspersed with frames featuring a beautiful woman driving a convertible through what appears to be L.A. The limo pulls up to Capitol Records and Rucker steps out, seemingly determined. He marches purposefully through the hall as the song sweeps in, then gets a twinkle in his eye when he sees the sign for the recording studio.

The rest of the video features Rucker singing with conviction into a mic, alone, in the studio, as scenes of the woman he’s assumably speaking to appear and disappear — though the couple are never shown together. Rucker continues his soliloquy from a rooftop as the lyrics explain all the reasons he’s not a perfect man. As he lists his flaws, he asks the question: "If I told you all these things, would you still love me?"

It’s a sentiment nearly everyone can relate to, and Rucker delivers it with honesty and passion. The almost spoken-word-like verses flow freely and naturally as he builds the case against himself, breaking into a catchy chorus that hits the point home.

Written by Ross Copperman, Jon Nite and Shane McAnally, “If I Told You” is the lead-off single to Rucker’s upcoming fifth studio album. Though it’s a bit of a shift from his usual style, his memorable voice brings his signature sound to the tune and marries the new and classic perfectly.

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