Super star running back Ezekiel Elliott is being sued for $1million by his neighbor who claims she was viciously attacked by his dogs.  Jennifer Gampper filed the lawsuit in July stating that the dogs left her with "severe and permanent injuries".

Jennifer did not stop at Zeke, she also named the landscaper Pablo Vela and his business, Perfect Synthetic Grass, as defendants as well. On the day in question, Zeke had workers at his home and they left the side gate open which allowed the dogs access out of the back yard.

According to Zeke's attorney, Ezekiel is concerned about Jennifer's well-being but that “there are extenuating circumstances to this matter which will impact the legal proceedings which we are not at liberty to disclose.”

Based on the camera footage, May 19 the worker can be seen leaving what appears to be Zeke's backyard during daylight hours. Nightfall then arrives and next the sun comes up on May 20. The next thing you see is the dogs exiting the backyard. On the next camera angle you see the dogs running about the pool in Jennifer's backyard, then you hear a scream, dogs barking and growling and more screams. Frisco officials were called to the Starwood neighborhood and the three dogs were loose. According to reports the Rottweiler bit two people before it was captured by Frisco Animal Control.

Jennifer and the other bite victim were hospitalized with injuries that weren’t life-threatening according to Frisco police  and they also said Zeke was issued three animal-at-large citations, one for each dog. The Rottweiler was placed in a mandatory 10-day quarantine for observation.

The lawsuit is alleging that Zeke “was well aware that his dog had a propensity to bite and attack people” but that he did not make attempts to keep the animal safely confined.

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