Dale Watson goes full rockabilly in "The Dumb Song," the first taste of a new album that he will release in February of 2019. With sonic overtones of Johnny Cash and a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Watson explores a whimsical take on making bad decisions. “A lot of things I’m doing I shouldn’t do, it’s true. But I’m gonna keep on doing all these things I shouldn’t do,” he sings on the track.

More that just the sound of the song, Watson channels Cash in the bulk of the recording process for his Call Me Lucky album. The project was produced at the legendary Sam Phillips Recording, home to Cash's first label, Sun Records. He also tapped some of Cash's talent. Drummer WC "Fluke" Holland plays on the track, delivering an authentic Cash-style walking bass line.

Watson included Holland in the recording as part of the homage he pays to music that influenced him as an artist. Holland gets the last word on the song, shouting "YES!" at the end of the take. Readers can press play above to listen to the full uproarious good time.

“Being a fan and becoming friends with WS Holland is like having a front seat to Memphis 1953 and on,” Watson tells Rolling Stone. “Though the song is more geared toward being hard-headed and doing what you shouldn’t do, Fluke is no dummy, but he always did what he wanted to do, even when folks said he couldn’t. I kept his holler on the end of the song just so people can hear his voice — it’s passionate. He loved nailing that take, even if it was just my "Dumb" song.”

Call Me Lucky is set for release on Feb. 15. Watson has a full tour schedule planned between now and the release date, including a special role in the Outlaw Country Cruise along with Margo Price, Lucinda Williams and others.

Dale Watson, Call Me Lucky Track Listing:

1. "Call Me Lucky"
2. "The Dumb Song"
3. "Johnny and June"
4. "Tupelo Mississippi and a '57 Fairline"
5. "Haul Off and Do It"
6. "Restless"
7. "David Buckskimper"
8. "Inside View"
9. "You Weren't Supposed to Feel This Good"
10. "Mama's Smile"
11. "Who Needs This Man"

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