Now there are a TON of sites that will tell you how to save money right now, but let's be honest, those sites are for certain incomes, and right now we need generic money saving ideas.

Here are the best I've heard.

1. If you’re thinking about buying something you don’t necessarily need i.e. an impulse buy, imagine somebody offering you the thing in one hand and what it costs in cash in the other. If you would take the cash over the thing from the from this imaginary stranger, you probably shouldn’t buy the thing.

2. If you're looking to buy something that isn't a necessity, wait one week. If you still want it. Get it.

3. Buy in bulk. IF YOU CAN. The 3 pack might be cheaper, but the 12 pack will get more out of your money. Do the math when buying things.

4. Set a budget for everything. If your utility bill has never been more than $150.  set aside $150. So if your bill is only $88, put $62 into savings.

5. Make coffee/lunch at home. Don't get Starbucks every day.

Now these of course will change for every person. But i hope it helps.

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