A fight broke out between high school football players in Odessa, Texas after a game, and authorities are still working to determine who started it.

In the video, Coronado and Permian players gather on the field for a post-game handshake. Suddenly, they begin to huddle together toward the middle of the line. Players can clearly be seen shoving each other while coaches try to intervene.

According to KLBK, social media posts following the game alleged that a Coronado player started the fight.

WNEW reports that a Permian player pointed the finger of blame at a Coronado player who pushed a Permian cheerleader and dancer. The student added that players also hit coaches during the altercation. A Coronado player argued that the fight started after a teammate was shoved by a Permian player while shaking hands.

Coronado High School principal Dr. Jerry Adams acknowledged that Coronado students involved in the brawl would be punished.

"We have reviewed video and interviewed many people on the field Friday night to try to determine exactly what did and did not happen," said Adams. "It is clear there were students on both sides that made poor choices in a game that was charged with emotion, and there will be consequences for our students who did not conduct themselves appropriately."

Adams added that he will continue to work with the Permian High administration to determine what happened at the game.

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