A 13-acre Corn Maze in Saginaw, Michigan has designed a message that reads 'COVID Go Away'.

According to KCEN-TV, a pumpkin farm in Saginaw, Michigan is getting creative these days and has designed a message that says 'COVID Go Away' in the farm's 13-acre corn maze.

Johnson's Giant Pumpkin Farm, LLC is behind the design that sums up what we all would like to see happen and that's to get rid of the coronavirus.

The farms facebook page says, Starting on Sept. 12, you can go through the agri-tainment pumpkin farm's 13-acre corn maze.

The post the farm made about the corn maze on Facebook is already getting lost of shares and likes, so far.

The Giant Pumpkin farm not only features the corn maze, but also has lots of animals, a bird zoo, a pumpkin launching trebuchet and they even have fresh doughnuts.

This is really cool. It's good to see a lighthearted story amid all the negative news out there these days.  Wish I could make a trip through the maze, but of course I would be social distancing.

Photo courtesy of Johnson's Giant Pumpkin Farm, LLC. Used with written persmission.

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