It was cold, but that didn't stop San Angelo bands, Goodfellow military units, and 24 Veterans in golf carts from having a parade!


Everyone is getting lined up for the parade. All Veterans were driven by ladies and gentlemen who are currently serving our country.

The flag is stretched out in the strong Northerly wind.

The Central High School Bobcat Band gets warmed up.

The Lakeview Chief Band leads the parade down Veteran's Drive!

The TLCA Flag Corps leads the Eagle Band!

The TLCA Band is sounding good!

The Honor Guard leads the Veterans to the parade route.

Thanks to each of these Veterans for their service to our country!

The Central High School Flag Corps, Tex Anns, and the Bobcat Band are moving
down the parade route!

We salute all the bands, event volunteers and coordinators, City of San Angelo, and
all the visiting Veterans!