Cole Swindell has released the next song off his upcoming third studio album, All of ItReaders can press play above to "Love You Too Late," an uptempo breakup song that follows Swindell's most recent single, "The Ones Who Got Me Here."

"I wish this whiskey would / Make her miss me / Like I wish she did / I wish she did / Pouring up another one / Won't change what I should've done / Before she left / Before she left / Now all that's left is / Mile by mile and city by city / She's getting over me and man it ain't pretty no," the first verse opens up, telling a story of regret and missed opportunity, leading into a driving chorus.

"She's out there rolling down some old interstate / Wide open wide open / Couldn't make her stay / Probably cranking up some new freedom song / Wide open / Wide open / Won't pick up the phone while I'm dying here tonight / Staring goodbye in the face / Saying I love you too late."

The video that accompanies the song follows the object of Swindell's lyrical remorse as she packs her bags and catches a bus out of town, meeting up with a female friend for a freedom ride on the back of a motorcycle.

Written by Swindell, Michael Carter and Brandon Kinney, "Love You Too Late" is a breakup song true to Swindell's trademark style, and is the lead-off song on All of It's track list. The 12-track album is due out on Aug. 17 and also includes the single, "Break Up in the End," which Swindell released in February of 2018.

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