For anyone from Indiana, the Indianapolis 500 is a pretty big deal, and country singer Clayton Anderson couldn't be more excited about playing it.

Anderson, a native of Bedford, Ind., will take the stage ahead of Dustin Lynch and Keith Urban during the 2017 Indy 500 Legends Day Concert on Saturday (May 27), and he's ready to rock his hometown crowd.

"I'm so excited, because the Indy 500 is always like a homecoming if you're from Indiana," he says. "It's something I could only have dreamed of as a kid, I can't even believe it's going to happen and to play with Keith Urban, who I'm such a big fan of, is a huge treat and an honor."

The country singer is set to play numerous cuts off his 2017 EP, Only to Borrow, which has been gaining traction on Spotify, with "In the Dark" garnering a considerable number of spins. "I'm excited to see how many people out there are singing along and singing back to it because we're going to play quite a few songs from the EP," he reveals. "I'm gonna let it all hang out. This will be the biggest show I've ever played, so we will just be ready to let it loose, play all of our best songs."

While he's elated to be playing his own songs at the popular event, Anderson is also looking forward to watching Lynch and Urban take the stage, admitting that he's seen the "Blue Ain't Your Color" singer in concert more times than any other country act.

"I love his songs, but I also loved his show. He would go out into the crowd and man he's such a great guitar player and the energy that came out of his shows was so infectious," Anderson says of Urban. "You wanted to be like that, you wanted to project to where you could reach that guy in the last row and I always thought he was able to do that and do it really well."

The Indianapolis 500 will take place on Sunday (May 28) beginning at 12:19PM ET, and air live on ABC, ESPN and BT Sport.

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