A few weeks after attending the 2018 CMA Awards together, Chris Lane and girlfriend Lauren Bushnell will take the next step in their dating journey: She's going to meet his parents.

"I'm actually a little nervous because I know how my dad is — I've already given her the pre-warning," Lane tells People in a new interview. The country star will bring his new lady, a former Bachelor alum, home to North Carolina to meet his family over the holidays. "He's just a funny guy. He'll probably ask her some tough questions."

The "Take Back Home Girl" hitmaker admits that he might even film the moment.

"I want to just leave her sitting in the living room for an hour by herself and have a camera in the wall and video it, because there's no telling what's going to come out of his mouth," Lane says, laughing. "But [my family is] super excited."

So excited, in fact, that the family is already buzzing about marriage!

"I'm just like ... when it happens, it happens," Lane says. "[Lauren] and I have been hanging out not even that long, but realized we both like each other. We've been friends for literally several years and just kept in touch here and there, but she went with me to the Bahamas on a random trip. We had no idea we were going to end up liking each other and it spawned into what it is now."

There are also plans for Lane to meet Bushnell's family for the first time very soon. Though while Lane lives in Nashville and Bushnell lives in Los Angeles, they are working hard to make sure their schedules mesh heading into the new year.

"We have to plan ahead a little bit because she is busy doing her own thing," Lane shares. "She’s not used to dating an artist and the whole lifestyle that it brings — you're constantly on the road doing something — but we both decided we would do whatever to make it work."

Due to fan demand, Lane recently extended his Laps Around the Sun Tour into January 2019.

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