Chris Janson is following up his summer single "Fix a Drink" with more music. He'll release a surprise five-song EP on June 9, also titled Fix a Drink.

The EP contains all new tracks — "Fix a Drink," "Name on It," "Everybody," "Little Bit of Both" and "Redneck Life" — are good-time songs that revolve around where Janson is in life right now.

"I'm having the time of my life and that's exactly how (these songs) are reflecting," Janson tells Taste of Country. "My kids are happy and healthy and so is my wife, and it starts there for me. Other than that, everything else is icing on the cake, so making this album was a piece of cake. It was a lot of fun and no stress whatsoever."

Fans will notice more pop-infused chorus melodies on Janson's new songs than ever before, something the singer-songwriter credits to working with an array of songwriters on this project, especially Ashley Gorley, with whom Janson penned "Fix a Drink" and "Name on It."

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It's also worth noting that Janson is credited as a co-writer on every song of the upcoming project, something that he believes will be a common thread for the rest of his career.

"Songwriting, I take a lot of pride in," he says. "I want to be known in the book someday as a great songwriter as well as an artist, so I absolutely take it very seriously. I do it a lot, a lot more than people think, and a lot of times it's not only for me. I write for a lot of other people. Some of the greatest successes of my journey have been on singles wth other people, cuts by other artists. ... But I write for me first, and the rest of the songs land where they land."

Janson notes that back half of the album will be released in late summer/early fall and the push to release the Fix a Drink EP in June was mainly because of his major upcoming summer tour with Sam Hunt and Maren Morris.

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