Tyler Farr did it in Frankfort. Luke Bryan in Tampa. Chris Young in Glens Falls and Tim McGraw in California. Now it's Chris Cagle who's putting his foot down when it comes to fighting at his show. He was saluting the soldiers at Ft. Drum's Mountainfest when he stopped his show to break up a fight.

Cagle pointed out "the gentleman in the green shirt and whoever is pushing back. Bye bye. We're done. You don't act like that." Cagle even called in help to the front of the stage where the fight was taking place. "Excuse me, Mr. MP sir, take him away. Let them come next year and figure out how to act," said Cagle.

Cagle asked, "Are you a civilian or a soldier on the base?" The crowd booed when the answer came: "A soldier." Cheers erupted when Cagle had a better suggestion when he said, "Don't kick him out. Take him over and let him stand by the general for the whole show."

I bet that guy's PT workout the next day was rough!

Despite the lack of respect and stupidity of one soldier, Cagle showed his respect to the men and women in uniform.


Our Salute to Soldier grand prize winner Mariah and Eric Bernklau caught Cagle calling out the trouble maker on tape. Thankfully the scuffle was not near them and both had a great time.

Mariah Bernklau
Mariah Bernklau

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