We all got caught up in the excitement.  It seems affirming somehow when another national restaurant chain opens in San Angelo. It almost feels like a big piece of the outside world says "hello, San Angelo.  We See You".

This was compounded by the fact that Chipotle announced another San Angelo location before the first one even opened.

With all that excitement, it might be easy for some people to miss the other grand opening happening in San Angelo. Smitty's Smokehouse at 2402 Martin Luther King Drive is having their grand openings this week.

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Smitty's is in the old Fatty's Grill building and they are open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday. They are currently in the middle of their "soft" opening through Saturday.

Daniel Smith and his team have been working diligently since late spring to get the restaurant ready to open. Judging from the enthusiasm being expressed on social media, the community is riled up and ready for what they bring to the table.

Fresh local ingredients are a big part of what's on their menu.  Looking at the prices, there is no doubt that value is also something you are sure to find at Smitty's.  We all know how hard that is in this day and age.

Whether it be incredible breakfast burritos or the sumptuous , turkey, pulled pork, sausage or all of the above sandwiches at lunch, Smitty's seems every bit as big a reason for excitement as any outside restaurant chain. Maybe, even more excitement, when you factor in the local flavors that embody what life in San Angelo is all about.

You would be hard pressed to find a "national" restaurant that uses Saint Abigail Honey or delicious Longhorn Coffee.

Besides, Smitty's is a lot easier to spell and there's no debate on the right way to say the name. The only way you'll mess it up is if you try to say it with your mouth full. You don't have to worry, though, no one will hold that against you.


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