Chelsea Bain may have some struggles, but she won't be "Drinkin' Alone" as she sings in the lyric video for her new single of the same name, which Taste of Country exclusively premieres today (March 16).

The gritty, fiddle-driven rocker has the Arizona farm girl taking charge of a difficult day with a little bit of bubbly.

"No it ain't Friday or Saturday night / My cash and fuse are a little uptight / I don't wanna get dressed, I don't wanna go out / But I got things I need to drown," she belts on the country-pop infused track.

While she's well aware that she "can't drown out my afflictions by feeding my addictions," she's urging an ex to join her so she doesn't have to drink alone.

"I’m so excited to partner with Taste of Country for the premiere of 'Drinkin’ Alone,'" Bain says. "It’s a real art to capture a song in a lyric video, but Jason Turner at Artist Integration really nailed this with the visuals. I can’t wait to hear the feedback from the Taste of Country viewers!"

The lyric video for "Drinkin' Alone" merges images of glasses being filled at a bar alongside neon cursive writing, giving the appearance of a brightly lit bar sign. Watch the three-minute clip above.

Bain now calls Nashville home after making a name for herself around Phoenix by singing at rodeos and performing at voice recitals and school productions.

"I was extremely competitive about it," she states on her website. "There were some interesting moments between some girls and me, battling it out for solos."

She'd later perfect her singing chops by performing nearly 30 weekends a year at NASCAR and NHRA racing events. She says the experience toughened her as an artist.

"NASCAR taught me everything about getting up onstage and being in front of a crowd," Bain explains. "The people aren’t there for a concert. They’re there to see Dale Junior. To play to thousands of people in those circumstances is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. Every single weekend, I had to win them over and share my music with brand new people. Luckily, and I’m thanking God for this, they loved it and I built an entire fan base from it."

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