With "Cut Your Groove" Charlie Worsham continues to speak to his loyal fanbase first. The feel-good, musical challenge asks one to soak up his wordy, but inspirational message.

It's not obvious, which is exactly why fans love him. The Rubberband album was critically praised in 2013, and Worsham's music and musicianship continues to endear him to the country music industry. He's bubbling just under, much like Chris Stapleton was two years ago. There's this sense that with the right song and proper timing, he could be playing big stages.

"Cut Your Groove" asks a lot from listeners, but ultimately pays off. Worsham and Oscar Charles penned the first single from his next album, hammering on the idea of cutting your path into something seemingly flat and dull: a floor, a tree and then polyvinyl chloride. Along the way the he sings of getting up when you're knocked down and taking advantage of your moment in the sun. It's tremendously optimistic, which is to say it's very Charlie Worsham. The Mississippi native's musicianship is topped only by his good cheer.

"Cut Your Groove" marries a shuffling drum beat with acoustic guitar, and later, long phrases from a keyboard. It's not simple, but once again, when you take time to peel back the foil, you'll find a delicious snack to hold onto.

Did You Know?: Worsham tells People "Cut Your Groove" is his anthem. The song will be a part of his Beginning of Things album, out on April 21.

Listen to Charlie Worsham, "Cut Your Groove"

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Charlie Worsham's "Cut Your Groove" Lyrics:

"Scuff marks scars on the kitchen floor / A decade of dancing dug into the boards / Every scratch part of the story it tells / A pocket knife blade and my backyard tree / Two names and heart for the world to see / It might be crude but it's a symphony of L-O-V-E.

You got a melody, make 'em hear it / Shout it out loud and clear, 'till you rattle the walls of the atmosphere / Start right now, start right here / Cause the world keeps spinning like an old Victrola / Round and round, over and over / When the needle drops down, what you gonna do / Life is a record better cut your groove / Cut your groove.

A lot of the time you won't be on top / When you fall of the charts, don't let it stop you / Because part of the charm is the crack and the pop and the hiss / There's a song for the taste of your first kiss / A tune for the blues you feel when you miss / The one you love but you can't be with / It's a crazy trip, it's a trip. 

Don't matter what it is as long as it's true / It will be a unique story to you / You don't have to be famous, to be famous / A-side, B-side let it all play / Don't let the music just fade away / You don't have to be famous, to be famous.

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