Nashville actor Charles Esten has lent his vocal talents to the Nashville Predators' house band Small Time Rock Stars from time to time while attending hockey games over the years. Now, fans can hear his version of the team's song "Here Come the Predators" in the YouTube video above.

The actor, who describes himself as a "diehard" Predators fan, said he actually was asked to join the house band five years ago to sing with them at a game. He recounts the memory on his Instagram page and details the writing of "Here Come the Predators."

"For over 15 years Preds fans have been rocked at the intermissions by some of the biggest Preds fans of all - "house band" SMALL TIME ROCK STARS," he writes. "5 years ago, they asked me to be their guest for the first time, and to join them onstage in the middle of that beautiful insanity that is a Preds game. Since then, I've been honored to do that many times, and along the way I've become a diehard fan, myself. This song was written by bandleader @stevemandile and I, and is meant to be played as loud as the SMASHVILLE crowd. It's a fittingly raucous tribute from that killer house band and this lucky guest, to the great hockey team that this great hockey town loves so damn much."

Esten has been posting about the Preds' winning streak frequently, recetly sharing a beaming picture of himself and his daughter after another big win.

“Here Come the Predators” will be kept in rotation throughout the rest of the Nashville Predators' Stanley Cup run. The team advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in history after they won the Western Conference Final series vs. the Anaheim Ducks on Monday night (May 22) with a score of 6-3.

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