Health experts urge everyone that even if you've had the COVID vaccine, you still need to get a flu shot as well.

Because of the COVID Pandemic that we have been going through for a second year now, The focus has been centered around the COVID vaccine and if you will remember, before COVID the concentration was on getting your annual flu shot. America's health experts are reminding everyone that you still need to get that flu shot.

It's interesting to note that flu cases have dropped off significantly during the pandemic. But the big concern now is with schools and businesses reopened, international travel resuming and far less masking this fall, an outbreak of the flu is much more likely and there is concern among health experts as to the possibility of a huge resurgence of the flu which would put extra pressure on hospitals already struggling with COVID-19 surges.

Flu specialist Richard Webby of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis said...“People are sick to death of hearing about having to roll on out and get vaccines of any sort, yet after 18 months of little influenza exposure, we probably as a population don’t have as much immunity against this virus as we typically might. It makes absolute sense to go on out and get that vaccine and at least prepare for something that, you know, could be quite severe.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says just about everybody needs an annual flu vaccination, starting with 6-month-old babies and they are encouraging people to get their vaccine by the end of October. Doctors’ offices, retail pharmacies and local health departments have millions of doses on hand and most individuals with health insurance can get it with no co-pay.

Please share a comment with us as to how you feel about the CDC saying you need to get the flu shot period!

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